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Walcker Organ from Wildervank extended sample set

Specification of the sample set:
44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo.
Manuals: 2    Stops: 30    
Compass: 61/32
Couplers: 16,  Tremulants:2  
RAM requirements: 4 GB  (Include samplesets, HW4 and Win 7 prof. 64 bit.)
The sampleset is wet. (If the reverb is not enough to someone, you will find detailed help on my homepages for the necessary software based reverb. Reverb guide.) 


 Bourdon 16',  Principal 8',  Dolce 8',Doppelflute 4', Octave 4', Gedact 4', Quinte 2 2/3', Octave 2', Mixtur, Trompete 8'
Swell: Geigen Principal 8', Lieblichgedect 8', Synthematophon 8' Salicet 4', FluteHarmonique4' Nasat 2 2/3', Gemshorn 2', Cornett, Sherp, Viola 8", Echo Trompete 8' Cymbale Cornett EchoTrompette8' Clarinett8' Scherp4' 
Contrabass 16', Subbas 16'. Octavbass 8', GedectBass 8', Quinta 5 1/3', Choralbass 4', Fagott 32', Possaunen Bass 16', Clarion 4'



The made the sample set of Walcker organ from Wildervank. It was the first sample set that I bought. I really  liked this sample and it helped me to get to know Hauptwerk.

The makers of sample set (Dirk Swama and Jaap Plaisier) were very nice and helpful. Unfortunately, the Virtual-organs company ceased. They made their samples available for free download and use. The samples are using the Creative Commons licence, so they are free to use and edit too. 

I remembered this lovely sample set. I pulled out and refurbished a bit (I made of multi-loop and multi-release, added a bit of reverb) and created an expansion from its own sound material. 

It completed a 30-stops nice-sounding sample set which I just published. I made this joy, you can use it that way. The download and use for absolutely free.

Audio demos

                                 Download the Walcker from Wildervank v2 extended free sample set (891.9 MB)
I'd suggest downloading Chrome or Firefox browsers. Stable a download if you first install the appropriate app. (Mega Menu/Apps)