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Sonus Paradisi Great modern composite set

'I think that I have now very many free demo sample sets. This gives me an idea, if there is some volunteer able to do it for fun, what about to COMBINE all those free demo sample sets of Sonus Paradisi into one Giganteous large sample set. I think many people would be happy. (......)  Think that these all together - if someone makes some logical and wise placement of the stops to different manuals (perhaps 4 manuals and a pedal) - should be quite large free playable sample set. What do you think?' - detail of Jiri Zurek's email.

I tried to implement the idea of Jiri Zurek. Its third product is the Sonus Paradisi Modern demo composit Organ. My ODF is using the unchanged format of the original sample sets. In the original sample sets I have used only the stereo sound files. I made a 4' and two 16' extra-stops using the original files. There are no other changes from the original sample sets. The original demo sample sets used in unchanged way.

The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops and multiple releases (3 levels).  Equal, a=440 Hz
The sample sets are wet.
Hauptwerk v4.0 and higher supported for the Organ Definition Files.
3 Keyborads are 61 keys, Pedal is 32 keys.
RAM requirements
16 bit, multiple loop, multiple releases: 9 GB.
24 bit, multiple loop, multiple releases: 16 GB.
I made the CODM file Myco-2013 program.

Specification (52/3+P)
I used the following demo sample sets: Rotterdam-Laurenskerk (Ro), Velesovo (Ve), Menesterol (Me)
Pedal (16 stops)
Subbas forte 16' (Ve), Subbas 16' (Ro), Octavbass 8' (Ve), Octava 8' (Ro),  Gedact 8' (Ve), Prestant 4' (Me), Octaf 2' (Ro), Dwarfluit 1' (Ro), Quinte (Me), Scherp (Ro), Mixtur (Ro), Trumpet 16' (Ro), Trumpet 8' (Ro), Krumhorn 8' (Ro), Krumhorn 4' (From Ro Krumhorn 8'), Batalla 2 (Ro)
Great (12 stops)
Principal 16' (from Ve Principal 8'), Octaf 8' (Ro), Holpijp 8' (Ro), Octaf 4' (Ro), Blockfluit 4' (Ro), Quinte (Me), Octaf 2' (Ro), Flute 2' (Me), Mixtur (Ro), Trumpet 16' (Ro), Krumhorn 8' (Ro), Fuerte 4' (Ro),
Swell (12 stops)
Holpijp 16' (from Ro Holpijp 8'), Montre 8' (Me), Roerfluit 8' (Ro), Gamba 8' (Ro), Octava 4' (Ro), Openfluit 4' (Ro), Roerquint 2 2/+' (Ro), Terz 1 1/3' (Ro), Octaaf 2' (Ro), Waudflaut 2' (Ro), Scherp (Ro), Batalla 8' (Ro)
Positiv (12 stops)
Principal 8' (Ve), Gedackt 8' (Ve), Burdon 8' (Me), Octav 4' (Ve), Salicional 4' (Ve), Flute 4' (Me), Octav 2' (Ve), Waldfloet 2' (Ve), Quinte 1 1/2' (Ve), Mixtur 4x (Ve), Vox Humana 8' (Ro), Krumhorn 4' (from Ro Krumhorn 8')


Audio demos 

Free download the Modern composit sample set
1. First, download and install the three demo sample sets from Sonus Paradisi website.
    Rotterdam demo package 1, 2, 3 (3.1, 3.7 and 3.5 GB)
                                              - You need to download and install all three parts!!
    Velesovo demo sample set (2.6 GB)
    Menesterol demo sample set (3.4 GB)
2. Download and install the Sonus Paradisi  demos Modern composit set (598.1 MB) 
It is very important to install first the three Sonus Paradisi sample sets and then the composite set! o download files from MEGA, Chrome or Firefox browsers as possible. IE browser is not capable of downloading!

Great thanks Jiri! :)

Do not forget this is  only a composite set from demo sample sets of Sonus Paradisi. The original full sample sets are much better, which can be found on the website of Sonus Paradisi.