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Sonus Paradisi Great Baroque composite set

'I think that I have now very many free demo sample sets. This gives me an idea, if there is some volunteer able to do it for fun, what about to COMBINE all those free demo sample sets of Sonus Paradisi into one Giganteous large sample set. I think many people would be happy. (......)  Think that these all together - if someone makes some logical and wise placement of the stops to different manuals (perhaps 4 manuals and a pedal) - should be quite large free playable sample set. What do you think?' - detail of Jiri Zurek's email.

I tried to implement the idea of Jiri Zurek. Its first product is the Sonus Paradisi Great Baroque demo composit Organ. I had to re-tune the organs, and eliminated the disparities resulting from the different reverb and temperament. So I had to re-edit the multi-release files and re-tune some pipe of Smecno organ. The result has been far from being perfect, but I hope the free sample set can be used and you will get a lot of pleasure. And I hope Jiri Zurek do not going to get mad because I meddled with his great work.

The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo, multiple loops and multiple releases (3 levels).  Equal, a=440 Hz
The sample sets are wet, the reverberation time is about 2.5-3 seconds. (If the reverb is not enoughor uneven  to someone, you will find detailed help on my homepages for the necessary software based reverb. Reverb guide.) 
Hauptwerk v4.0 and higher supported for the Organ Definition Files.
4 Keyborads are 54 keys, Pedal is 30 keys.
RAM requirements
16 bit, multiple loop, multiple releases: 12.4 GB.
(I only have 16 GB of RAM, so I could not test the 24-bit version.)
I made the CODM file Myco-2013 program.{%paste_google-analytics%}

Specification (73/4+P)
I used the following demo sample sets: Zwolle (Zw),  Dom Bédos (DB), St. Maximin (Max) Krzeszow (Kr) Palma (Pal), St. Michel (Mic) and Smecno (Sme).
Pedal (11 stops)
Contrabass 32' (from Sme Subbas 16'), Prestant 16' (Zw), Subbas 16' (Kr), Octavbass 8'-1 (Sme), Montre 8' (Mic), Octavbass 8'-2 (Kr), Superoctavbass 4' (Sme), Prestant 4' (Mic), Doublette (Mic), Quinta (Mic), Trompetbass 8' (Kr)
Great (16 stops)
Gamba 16' (Kr), Montre 8' (Max), Praestant 8' (Zw), Roerfluit 8' (Zw), Octaav 4' (Zw), Holpyp 4' (Zw), Speelfluit 4' (Zw), Superoctaav 2' (Zw), Doublette 2' (Max), Quarte (Max), Sifflet 1 1/2' (Zw), Fourniture (Max), Scherp (Zw), Dulciaan 8' (Zw), Cornet (Max), Baixons-Clarins (Palm)
Swell (16 stops)
Principal 8' (Kr), Burdon 8' (Max), Gemshorn 8' (Kr), Flaut-amabile 8' (Kr), Quintadena 8' (Kr), Octava 4' (Kr), Prestant 4' (Max), Flauta minor 4' (Kr), Superoctava 2' (Kr), Woudfluit 2' (Zw), Quinta 3' (Kr), Sedecima 1' (Kr), Cimbel (Kr), Simbalet 2' (Palm), Vox Humana 8' (Mic), Trompette 8' (Max),
Positiv (15 stops)
Principal 8' (Sme), Salicional 8' (Sme), Burdon 8" (Mic), Copula-maior 8' (Sme), Octava 4' (Sme), Copula-minor 4' (Sme), Quintadena 4' (Sme), Quinta 2 2/3' (Sme), Nasard (Max), Superoctava 2' (Sme), Larigot 1' (Max), Mixtura 3x1 (Sme), Cimbale 2x1-2 (Sme), Regal 8' (Sme), Batalla 8' (DB)
Choir (15 stops)
Bourdon 16' (DB), Montre 8' (DB), Bourdon 8' (DB), Flautathor 8' (Pal), Prestant 4' (DB), Octavadecara 4' (Palm), Fluste 4' (Mic), Superoctava 2' (Kr), Doublette 2' (DB), Tierce (Mic), Qarte (DB), Quinzena (Pal), Nazard (DB), Tolosana-cornetilla (Palm), Cromorn 8' (DB)


Audio demos 
{(8. Bach - Fugue in E minor plays: Péter Márkuj)

Free download the Great Baroque composit sample set
Part 1 (2.78 GB)
Part 2 (3.69 GB)
Part 3 (3.23 GB)
or download here  (Thanks Imre Polik)
Download and Install them one by one, keeping the correct order!

To download files from MEGA, Chrome or Firefox browsers as possible. IE browser is not capable of downloading!

Do not forget this is  only a composite set from demo sample sets of Sonus Paradisi. The original sample sets are much better, which can be found on the website of Sonus Paradisi.