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Large Dutch composite set


The three organ (Walcker Vildervank, Pekela from Oeckelen, Kaat  & Tijhuis from Veendam) samplesets made by Dirk Swama and Jaap Plaisir. These organs can read more here. Dirk and Jaap have recently suspended the activities and the three samplesets have become freely available for download. 
I made a huge, more than 80-stops organ composite of these free downloadable samplesets.
The three original organs were built in different styles (romantic, late-romantic, modern baroque), so my sampleset allows for a variety of organ playing.
The RAM requirement of sampleset is surprisingly small, so they are also able to use who do not have top PC.
I would like to thank Dirk Swama and Jaap Plaisir  who have made it possible to free download the three samplesets.

Specification of the sample set:
44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo.
Manuals: 4    Stops: 89   
Compass: 61/32
Couplers: 30,  Tremulants:5 

RAM requirements: 5.9 GB  (Include samplesets, HW4, Reaper programs and Win 7 prof. 64 bit.)
The sampleset is semi-dry. It requires software reverberation. Reverb guide.

Great: Montre16' Bourdon16' Principal8' DoppelFlute8' Holpijp8' Dolce8' Speelfluit4' Octave4'  Octave2' Doublette2' Quint3' Fourniture Mixtur Cornet Trompette8' Clarion4'
Swell: Gedakt16' Lieblichgedect8' Bourdon8' Viola8' Synthematophon8' GeigenPrinzipal8' FluteHarmonique8' Salicet4' Octaaf4' Fluit4' Octaaf2' Woudfluit2' Gemshorn2' Quinte2 2/3' Nasard MixturaL MixturaR Cymbale Cornett EchoTrompette8' Clarinett8' Scherp4'
Positive: Bourdon16' Prestant8' Montre8' ViolaDiGamba8' Bourdon8' Gedakt8' Prestant4' Flutechem4' Doublette2' Nasard Tierce Fourniture Chromorne8' Trompet8L Trompet8R Clarinet4'
Choir:  Bourdon16' GedaktBass16' Gadakt8' Principal8' Octaaf4' Fluit4' Woudfluit2' Quint3' Nasard Clarion4' Clarinet4' Scherp4' Trompette4' Cromonorm8' Clarinet8' Trompette8' Bombarde16'
Pedal: Bourdon32' Contrabass16' Subbas16' Octavbass8' Principal8' GedectBass8' Holpijp8' Violon8' Prestant4' Octaaf4' Octaaf2' Clarion4' Trompette4' Trombone8' Bauzin16' PossaunenBass16' Fagott32'

I made the CODM file Myco-2013 program.


Sound demos:


Installation suggestion:

Download the three samplesets  1:   2:   3:
Install all the three samplesets.
Download the Dutch organs composit install package.
Install the Dutch organs composit

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