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Sonus Paradisi Forcalquier-Rabstein composite set


Forcalquier and Rabstein are the  beautiful sample sets of Sonus Paradisi . From these two sample sets I made a three-manual Hauptwerk early baroque organ and the installation package is free to download.

Specification of the sample set:
48 kHz, 24 bit stereo, multiple loops and multiple releases.
Manuals: 3    Stops: 61    
Compass: 61/32
Couplers: 30,  Tremulants:4 
RAM requirements: 16 bit: 7.6 GB  20 bit: 9.6 GB  24 bit: ~12 GB (Include samplesets, HW4, Reaper programs and Win 7 prof. 64 bit.)

Great: Bordun16' Bordun8' Gambe8' Flute8' Salicional8' Principal8' Prestant4' Principal4' Flute4' Doublette2' Octav2' Quin3' Sifflet1' Mixture CornetV PleinJeuV Trompette8' Clarion4'
Swell: Floete16' Bourdon8' Floete8' CopulaMaior CopulaMinor Prestant4' Flute4' Nazard2 2/3' Doublette2' Quarte2' Larigot1 1/3' Tierce1 3/5' PleinJeuIV VoixHumaine8'  Trompette4' Cromorne8'
Positive: Bordun16' Bordun8' Salicional8' CopulaMaior CopulaMinor Burdon4' Flute4' Principal2' Nazard2 2/3' Octava1' Cornet3' Hautbois8' VoixHumaine8'  TrompetteEcho Cromorne4'
Pedal: Soubbasse32' Flute16' Subbass16' Octavbass8' Principal8' Floete8' Principal4' Flute4' Octav2' PleinJeu Bombarde16' Trompette8' Clarion4'

I made the CODM file Myco-2013 program.


Sound demos:


Required for the use of the Forcalquier-Rabstein virtual organ:

  • Hauptwerk v4 program (no RAM limit)
  • Previously installed Forcalquier wet and Rabstein wet sample sets
  • At least 8 GB RAM (Recommended 12 GB) (Include sampleset, HW4, Reaper programs and Win 7 prof. 64 bit.)

The Forcalquier-Rabstein composit virtual organ does not affect the original Forcalquier and Rabstein operations.


Download the installation package of Forcalquier-Rabstein composit virtual organ! (9.0 MB)

01/07/2013 and 08/01/2014 Repair! A problem with a combination of saving and the use of pedal and the 24 bit audio format fixed. Download the new ODF (3.7 MB) and replace it the OrganDefinitons folder.

To download files, Chrome or Firefox browsers as possible. IE browser is not capable of downloading!

Attention! The Forcalquier-Rabstein virtual organ will work only if you have own the original and installed Forcalquier and Rabstein sample sets!