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 Original & Composit sample sets

Claviorgan (Harpsichord and Organ) composit

The Baroque era used similar instruments. Such an instrument can be varied and interesting way to play music.
I have used two samples.
Harpsichord: Mietke of Sonus Paradisi. Organ: Müller Oosterwijtwerd of Sygsoft

The sample sets are available in wave format 48kHz/24bit, stereo.
Hauptwerk v4.0 and higher supported for the Organ Definition Files.

RAM requirements
16 bit, multiple loop, multiple releases: 3.8 GB.
24 bit, multiple loop, multiple releases: 5.8 GB.
I made the CODM file Myco-2013 program.


Audio demos (Bach: Kommst du nun Jesu)

1. Download the Oosterwijtwerd sample set. (599 MB, Freeware)
2. Download the Mietke sample set. (2.4 GB Shareware)
3. Download the Claviorgan sample set. (345 KB, Gift from me)
4. Install the three sample sets (the last third).

Update (December 2016).!!
I expanded the sample Carillon and Xylophone registers. You should not uninstall anything. Just download and install the following expansion. 
Claviorgan extend sample set (70.1 MB) 
Comment: The Mietke cembalo not freeware, but shareware. If the Mietke or Claviorgan sample sets you want to use in the long term, you can purchase the Mietke from SP. It's a matter of honor.