Monor - Orszagh S. organ (wreck) - History

Monor a small town near Budapest (Hungary), 20,000 inhabitants. The Catholic Church built in 1806 in Baroque style.

The old organ was as  old as the church, but it was destroyed. Second organ in the church of Alexander Országh built in 1901.

The Országh family was famous organ builder in Hungary, nearly 600 organ was built between 1836-1920.)

The organ has two-manual with 16 stops.
The organ was restored in 1947 by Joseph Angster, and in 1985 improved  by Laszlo Kult.
The organ is almost completely destroyed the recent years. A dabbler disassembled and repaired tried, without success.

The organ is
in a lamentable state. Only the first manual used a few registers, but they are also incomplete.

The parish has no money to refurbish the organ, such as a digital Johannus organ is used.
The organ in the choir gathering dust for 10 years and was not turned on.

I have prepared the sampleset. The virtual organ can not play nicely, because too little of the stops and too false the sound. That was not my intention. My intention is to draw attention to this organ and to promote reconstruction.